Salt n Pepa Cafe Restaurant

We cater for most Dietry Requirements 

Gluten Free, Vegan, Wheat Free, Halal, Dairy Free. 

Salads, Plates, Platters and Sandwiches Available.

*Free delivery for catering orders over $50

Orders under $50 incur a $15 Delivery fee.

*Deliveries outside neighboring suburbs may incur a delivery fee



Basic Point Sandwiches

A variety of basic & gourmet fillings on square bread-quartered.
$6.50 each

Large Rolls

A variety of basic & gourmet fillings-halved.
$8.50 each

Hot Focaccias

A variety of basic & gourmet fillings.
$9.90 each

Large Sandwiches

European style bread available in light or dark rye.
$8.50 each


A variety of basic & gourmet fillings-white or wholemeal.
$8.90 each

Party Size Hot Food

Party Pies-Snow, Chicken & leek, Shepperd’s, Pepper Steak, Pasties Meat or Vegie, Sausage Rolls, Quiche- Lorraine,Spinach.
$2.00 each

Homemade Slices Cut In Pieces To Serve

Zucchini & Bacon

16 Pieces


16 Pieces

Lasagna (Meat Or Vegetarian)

16 Pieces


Seafood, Greek, Garden, Rice, Pasta, Potato, Coleslaw

Small: $18  |  Medium: $30  |  Large: $45

Individual Serves Are Available

House made Scones

Served with Jam & Fresh Cream) Fruit Or Plain.
$4.60 each

Full Sponge Cakes 9 Inch Diameter

Chocolate, Passionfruit, Vanilla filled with Jam and Fresh Cream- Plaques Available.
Serves 8

Dessert Slices & Cakes

Vanilla, jelly, beesting, lemon, caramel, hedgehog, apricot, apple, mini custard tarts, raspberry & lemon jam tarts, banana bread, muffins, plus many more… 

$4.60 each

Fresh Fruit Platter Boxes

4 Types (Seasonal Fresh Fruit used on all platters)

Small (aprox 6 person)


Medium (aprox 12 person)


Large (aprox 20 person)


Emma & Toms Chilled Juice 2Ltr

Orange, Apple.

$8.00 each


Thick Raisin Toast

2 slices per serve
$3.50 each

Mixed Filled Croissants

Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Egg, Bacon & Smoked Salmon.
$6.60 each

House made Scones

(Served with Jam & Fresh Cream) Fruit Or Plain.
$4.60 each

Chilled Juice 2ltr

Orange, Mango, Pine-Orange, Apple, Breakfast
$5.50 each

Toasted Point Sandwiches

A variety of basic & gourmet fillings on square bread- white, wholemeal or multigrain -quartered.
$6.90 each

Mixed Danishes

$4.60 each

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Muffins

$5.50 each